"I have a sedentary job, working in an office environment for more than 8 hours a day. Last year, I started to feel pain on my lower back,,and got only intense with prolong sitting. I went to see my doctor and prescribed me with pain reliever. Although the pain was gone that time, it had a side effect. So I had to find an alternative solution because I also do not want to be addicted to any synthetic drugs. That's when I found Jill, with her Bowen therapy. With only two sessions with Jill, the pain is now completely gone! Not only Bowen therapy works for me, but with Jill's expertise plus her caring personality made the experience even more worthwhile. I don't have any hesitation to recommend Jill to my family and friends."

-Maria Carbon

"Using Bowen Therapy in a professional yet calm friendly way, Jill very quickly reduced, then eliminated the rib pain I have had off and on for years.

During the first treatment I felt sections of my spine move and next day the pain was 80 to 90% reduced.

During the third treatment I remembered a bicycle accident years ago when I received concussion and very bruised ribs in that area.

During treatments I always feel very relaxed and often fall asleep.

I look forward to Bowen Therapy sessions with Jill for health maintenance.

I very much appreciate Bowen Therapy and the knowledge and skill Jill has to offer people for their health issues.

Thank you Jill."


"I was suffering from a combination of strained ligament and muscle tissue damage around the hip joint. Pain was continuos 5/10 ,and 9/10 if pressure applied. I went to hospital and was told nothing can be done to help apart from time off work and a prescription for painkillers. After one treatment at the Bowen Room pain was almost gone and mobility restored within the following day. The procedure was very gentle, relaxing actually. As a sceptic to alternative medicine ,and having not heard of Bowen previously I was not expecting such an excellent improvement as a result of the treatment. Here-on I will not be referring to Bowen as ‘alternative’ medicine. As you may already know, Bowen is the treatment of connective tissue, and has fine science for it’s basis. 


Needless to say , next time I need to treat an injury, my first stop will be the Bowen Room.


Many Thanks,



"Two years ago, I twisted and hurt my right shoulder. I had an ACC subsidy for Chiropractor visits which I did but still I could not move my shoulder higher nor move it around as normal. I had to put up with the pain every time I forgot. Thanks to Jill, just after my first session and with her exercise recommendation, I have full movement and I am now pain free. Thank you Jill."