A treatment will normally last between 45 minutes and an hour.  Please allow an extra 15 minutes for the first session to discuss and record medical history.

The client will lie on a treatment table although if unable to lie down, treatment can be effective whilst the client is seated in a chair.

The session consists of gentle rolling moves, performed in sequences, across muscles, ligaments or tendons on specific parts of the body.  A critical part of the treatment are regular 2 minute breaks where I usually leave the room to allow your body to rest and make adjustments in response to the moves.  If the client prefers, I can remain in the room.


What to wear

I prefer to work directly on the skin as this allows me to more readily feel what is happening within the connective tissue.  Moves can be performed through light clothing with no loss of efficacy, if the client prefers.  Male clients are advised to bring a pair of lightweight shorts to wear.  Jeans are not suitable to be worn during treatment.

Bowen Therapy is not massage or manipulation.  Many clients are surprised that such gentle moves can be so astoundingly effective and deliver long- lasting results.


First treatment

The first session focuses on balancing and relaxing the body by releasing tension held in the exterior (outermost muscles and connective tissue). This allows for deeper releases in subsequent sessions.

Moves are primarily made over the whole back and neck which switch the body in a relaxed, healing mode.  Clients often report feeling very relaxed and experience deeper sleep following the treatment.


For many people, this first treatment results in a major reduction in pain and/or improvement in range of motion.  Most people require only 3 – 4 treatments for their condition to resolve even where it has been a long-standing chronic condition.  Some conditions may require regular monthly treatments. 

After Treatment Care

(Possibly put in an image of fascia if i can find one on the net)

  1. Do not remain seated for more than 30 minutes at a time, for the remainder of the day and night.  Get up and walk a few steps.  Walking helps the body to detoxify.  This is particularly important for clients suffering from lower back pain.  Lying down is fine.

  2. Walking also helps stimulate the blood and the lymphatic circulation.  Aim for 15 – 20 per day, walking on a flat surface.

  3. Drink more water (preferably warm) for several days following each treatment.

  4. To allow your body to undergo the healing processes introduced by your treatment, do not apply other types of bodywork treatment, including self-applied massage, for at least 5 days.

  5. Avoid heavy physical exertion for a few days.

  6. Do not apply ice or heat for at least 48 hours after a treatment. This includes hot showers, spa, hot water bottle and electric blankets as the temperature variances may interfere with the ‘messages’ of your treatment.  If you feel any soreness after treatment, please do not apply heat-inducing creams. The discomfort is temporary and will improve as your body adjusts to the healing process.

  7. When getting out of bed, chair or car, take your weight evenly on both feet versus one foot at a time, when you stand.  This helps to maintain the balancing effect the treatment has on the body.

  8. Pain relief and homeopathic medicines are OK.

What to expect