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About me

It gives me great pleasure to be able to offer Bowen Therapy through The Bowen Room here in Fendalton, Christchurch. I am a qualified, credited ISBT Bowen Therapist having trained with the International School of Bowen Therapy (ISBT), as approved by the Bowen Therapists Federation of Australia.

I have also trained in Postural Assessment under Kelly Clancy, founder and owner of the Seattle Center for Structural Medicine and the Northwest School of Structural Therapy.  Utilising a biotensegrity model, postural assessment is aided through myofascial testing and a ligament influenced technique is used for the release of the fascia.

My passion for Bowen increases each time I witness yet another happy client who has become pain free, in some cases after many years of enduring pain.

I have held a life-long interest in human health and prior to doing Bowen Therapy, worked as a nutritionist in the public health sector having completed post-graduate study in Community Nutrition through University of Otago.

My personal interests include Chinese medicine and in particular, chi gong. I practice Tian Chuan chi gong also known as Medical chi gong.  I find this an invaluable practice as it is a very easy and natural way to relax the body and mind. For those interested in chi gong, I offer one-on-one classes.


I look forward to meeting you and assisting you in working towards a more joyful state of optimum health

Nutrition consultations

Good nutrition helps form the foundation to a happy and healthy life. It's importance cannot be underestimated. In today's world we are bombarded with confusing and often contradictory messages about food choices and diets. I can guide you through the maze to enable you to make the best food choices to achieve your goals.