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Video kindly supplied by Kelly Clancy of Northwest School of Structural Therapy, Seattle, Washington.

Welcome to the Bowen Room! 


If you have pain, do not despair as Bowen Therapy has an excellent track record for relieving it where other therapies have failed. Often the pain is the result of tension held within the connective tissue and Bowen is very effective at releasing this tension. Bowen works on the connective tissue (fascia) which is the largest sensory organ and responds more quickly than the nervous system.

Many people are pleasantly surprised that such gentle moves can produce such profound effects.

Please feel free to call me to discuss whether Bowen Therapy may work for you.

Jill Westenra

Qualified, Credited Bowen Therapist

Gentle, rolling moves across specific points on muscles, ligaments and tendons provide long-lasting relief, injury recovery and improved energy.

Applying bowen therapy at the bowen room

Occasionally there is a dramatic improvement in mobility or reduction in pain.  More often, the patient, days later, notices they are no longer in pain.

Applying pressure to the shoulder blade

An holistic therapy that is used on anyone from babies upwards.  Children benefit with better concentration levels, improved sleeping patterns and enhanced motor control and behaviour

Lower back manipulation